One Setup Fee

We charge a fixed setup fee per
design, as many colours as you like

Vibrant Colours

Colours so rich and vibrant, they really
set these transfers apart from the rest

No Cut Lines

These transfers come ready to press
with no weeding needed

Wide Application

We cover nearly all types of fabrics
and washing application


Everything that goes into making
Supacolour is eco-friendly

Fast Delivery

We ship, in most cases,
within 7 working days

Supacolour …… what is it?

Supacolour is a revolutionary new way of decorating promotional products and apparel which has taken Australia and New Zealand by storm.

Based around the traditional process of a heat applied transfer, Supacolour is at the forefront of new technology, producing a print that can be applied to a wide range of fabrics whilst delivering far superior results than what has been available before. 

So what’s so different about it? Here are a few key elements that outline why Supacolour is head and shoulders above any other type of digital transfer:

Colour Vibrancy – You only need to compare a Supacolour print side by side to a normal digital transfer to see the difference this new technology can make in terms of colour brightness and vibrancy. Smooth gradient profiles and pixelsharp photographic images are other strong points of the Supacolour process.

Fine Detail & Weeding – When a logo has fine detail components or small text most of the time you will need to set the art up as a ‘block’ when decorating with traditional digital transfers. This can ruin the look of the logo and the product it is going on, leaving customers frustrated and not satisfied with the visual appearance of the product.

Supacolour has no need for weeding or ‘blocks’ behind small detail and text. This cutting edge process results in a much more professional and superior look.

Price – When printing a logo containing multiple colours, Supacolour can be the most cost effective process to produce the logo. With a low MOQ of 20 and low setup cost of $55.00, Supacolour will provide consumers with the peace of mind knowing that any logo can be reproduced in full colour and detail, with no compromises.

Hand Feel – Run your hands across a Supacolour print and you will instantly feel the difference. Once applied to a product, the Supacolour print has no raised edge or thick texture to it like other types of printing. The hand feel of a Supacolour print feels more like a Sublimation than a traditional transfer.

ECO–Friendly – Something that is rapidly becoming more sought after by corporations around the world, is the assurance that the products they buy to represent their brand, are not produced with harmful consequences to the environment, their customers or themselves.

Supacolour is produced with the very latest technology and materials specifically sourced and implemented, to provide a safe and sustainable printing option for our planet and local environment. As such, Supacolour has commenced accreditation with OEKO-TEX, the world’s leading independent testing and certification system for fabric and print based products.

With this high level accreditation in place, you can be sure your clients are getting products that are safe for them, their families and sustainable for our environment.