JB's Wear

JB's Wear has been offering it's ever expanding range of apparel for over 20 years. JB’s wear provides industry-leading workwear that meets and exceeds all Australian and New Zealand standards. JB's Wear has a great range of corporate attire, hospitality uniforms, clothing for schools, sportswear, casual wear, work accessories and industry-standard safety shoes.

With millions of garments in stock at our NZ and Australian warehouses, JB's are confident that we can deliver what you want, when you want it. As we continue to grow, our values and mission remain: To offer quality, reliable apparel for everyone.

Ethical and Social Responsibilty. Good quality comes from good quality factories. JB's chooses factories that:

  • Do not use child or forced labour.
  • Provide a safe work place and conditions for all employees.
  • Comlpy with all environmental, health and safety and employment laws in the countries that they operate.

Your way, your style, your design: talk to us about making something just for you!

At JB's wear, we are committed to providing you with the best products for your needs. Haven't found what you are after? Simply get in touch with us today and our friendly staff will assist you in designing garments that incorporate the style, fabric, colours, and features that YOU want. We can even customise labels to include your brand and package your order the way you want. Too easy!

1/2 Zip D/N Sweatshirt Hi Vis, 80/20 Poly/Cotton

Model: 6HZFS

$41.75 + GST  $45.93 Including GST

1/2 Zip Hoodie, Hi Vis

Model: 6HVHZ

$32.55 + GST  $35.81 Including GST

1/2 Zip Polar Fleece Hi Vis, Day/Night

Model: 6DNPF

$33.35 + GST  $36.69 Including GST

1/2 Zip Polar Fleece, Hi Vis

Model: 6HVPF

$26.25 + GST  $28.88 Including GST

1/2 Zip Segmented Tape Fleece Hi Vis

Model: 6DPS

$52.45 + GST  $57.70 Including GST

1/2 Zip Sweatshirt Hi Vis, 80/20 Poly/Cotton

Model: 6HVFH

$25.50 + GST  $28.05 Including GST

150G Hi Vis Day/Night Shirt, Long Sleeved

Model: 6DNWL

$38.65 + GST  $42.52 Including GST

150G Shirt Hi Vis, Long Sleeved

Model: 6HWSL

$28.30 + GST  $31.13 Including GST